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Illustrative House Price Calculator 

An index-based calculator can provide only a broad brush valuation at individual property level. Specifically, our illustrative House Price Calculator (HPC) shows only the change in value of a house assuming that the house price inflation, applicable to the house type and to the county/London borough in which it is situated, is applicable to the property concerned. The result is illustrative because the calculations are not done at postcode, street or even town level. Our illustrative HPC uses the MIAC Acadametrics Collateral Valuation Calculator built, like the LSL Acadata HPI, from Land Registry (LR) data and designed to provide closely accurate valuations for property portfolios, at which level individual variations are largely ironed out.

Whilst an accurate value for an individual house requires the engagement of a professional surveyor, as a guide to house price inflation, illustrative HPC has the advantage of using the true smoothed LR prices from 2000 (as opposed to mortgage offer prices) and monthly county/London borough data (as opposed to say quarterly, regional, data), and every transaction in England & Wales (as opposed to a sample). Note that in months when county/London borough transactions are sparse, illustrative HPC estimates prices at e.g. regional level.

Please use a full postcode, including a central space, and enter the purchase price without a currency symbol or comma separator.

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MIAC Acadametrics provides a Collateral Revaluation service for those revaluing loan books or other residential property portfolios, employing the above mentioned MIAC Acadametrics Collateral Valuation Calculator (M|A CVC LGA) providing the statistical confidence limits surrounding each valuation.

I understand that neither Acadata nor MIAC Acadametrics guarantees any accuracy and shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever, consequential upon any error, mis-description or other inadequacy in illustrative House Price Calculator. Persons using illustrative House Price Calculator do so entirely at their own risk.

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