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It is widely recognised that reported house price movements at national level mask a variety of very different trends at regional, local and property type levels. Such trends are important to all participants in the property market, whether lenders, surveyors, estate agents, portfolio owners or commentators.

Acadata DataLibrary provides a portfolio of ready-to-use datasets and calculation series updated monthly, based upon the factual Land Registry and/or Registers of Scotland results. Our comprehensive selections of geography (national/ regional/ unitary authority/ postcodes) and of property types with mean and median prices provide the “off the shelf” historic data series and analyses needed for rapid study and commentary. The DataLibrary is available on subscription for e.g. property portfolio analysis, business planning and advisory purposes. For major lending institutions it shows national and regional trends. For local builders, developers and estate agents it shows stock and new build results within postcode districts and enables analyses at town and street level.

Prices are averaged over rolling three month periods or provided as medians. Geographies range from national to regional to Local Government Areas/ unitary authorities/ local authorities or to postcode areas and districts. We employ individual postcode data to prepare e.g. town or street information. Our Land Registry data commence in 1995; our Registers of Scotland data commence in 2003.

For further details please see APAT LGA Synopsis .



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