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House Prices 

House prices are a national obsession served by numerous house price indices, forecasts, expert commentary and blogs, all given media space. But what can the public make of house price indices that go up one month and down the next, and which frequently contradict each other within a day or so of publication?

House price indices are costly to maintain, warranted by the column inches of coverage these provide. In 1998, the Halifax and Nationwide HPIs received virtually all the attention but sometimes provided such conflicting results that Mervyn King called for the development of new indices. Ultimately, this led to the ONS HPI. It also led to our LSL Acadata HPIs. But indices based on offer prices from estate agents or on price estimates obtained by survey, as well as from other interesting but not definitive measures, now receive wide coverage. So important are house prices, and so large is the housing market, that we welcome other indices. We publish their results for comparison with ours, and suggest that every index is valuable, provided that the data employed and what the index reports is understood. We ourselves prepare:

  • LSL Property Services/Acadata House Price Indices LSL Acadata E&W HPI and Your Move Acadata Scotland HPI using every transaction reported to the Land Registry (LR) or to Registers of Scotland (RoS) and provide average prices at national, region and Local Government Area levels. LSL Acadata HPI results were used with those of the lenders in the FSA Mortgage Market Review Data Pack Supplement to PS12/16 dated October 2012 (see Reference), demonstrating how some analyses can best employ alternative house price data

  • Acadata DataLibrary provides a portfolio of ready-to-use datasets and calculation series updated monthly, based upon the factual Land Registry and/or Registers of Scotland results. Our comprehensive selections of geography (national/regional/unitary authority/postcodes) and of property types with mean and median prices provide the “off the shelf” historic data series and analyses needed for rapid study and commentary. The DataLibrary is available on subscription for e.g. property portfolio analysis, business planning and advisory purposes. For major lending institutions it shows national and regional trends. For local builders, developers and estate agents it shows stock and new build results within postcode districts and enables analyses at town and street level.

  • Illustrative House Price Calculator providing illustrative current values for properties for which an earlier price at a prior date are known

  • Index Development led by our Dr Stephen Satchell to advise on and/or develop and maintain indices for clients suitable for the available data
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