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LSL Acadata HPI
  “Index Monitor” paper
  “A 'True Measure' of House Price Inflation?"
  LSL Acadata E&W HPI News Release August 18
     E&W Index Table
     Regional Historic Series with Interactive Charts
     National Historic Series
     Effect of London
  Your Move Acadata Scotland HPI News Release June 18
     Scotland Index Table
     Local Authority Areas with Interactive Charts
     Scotland's Seven Cities
     Data from 2000 with Interactive Charts
  LSL Acadata HPI - Archive
  Comparison of house price growth over the past 10 years
  Introduction of Derivatives on Residential Real-Estate in the UK
  FSA Mortgage Market Review Data Pack Supplement to PS12/16
Acronyms used on the Acadata Website
  APAT LGA: Acadata Prices and Transactions Local Government Authority
  LR: Land Registry
  M|A CVC LGA: MIAC Acadametrics Collateral Valuation Calculator Local Government Authority
  RoS: Registers of Scotland
The Bank of England
  A comparison of UK Residential house price indices

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